Barbarian King’s Bride

Barbarian King’s Bride

Barbarian King's BrideRelease Date: August 27, 2020
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Buy a female. Produce an heir. Send the female back. What could possibly go wrong?
A king needs an heir. That’s what everyone keeps telling King Dagar, anyway. But the ruler of Ramanth isn’t interested in taking a wife—and ruining his chances of someday finding his true mate—just to satisfy that duty.

Hiring an off-planet surrogate should have been an easy solution. No strings, no trouble. But with the nuances of the transaction lost in translation, Dagar finds himself with a mail-order bride instead—one that is unwilling.

Fiery and unyielding, the curvy little Terran is all wrong for the job. But she might just be right for him…

If the barbarian king thinks she’s here to be his broodmare, he’s in for a rude awakening…
Jobless, desperate, and stuck on a remote spaceport, Rose can’t believe her luck when she wins a free vacation to a tropical paradise across the galaxy. And it’s tropical, sure—but no one told her she was being shipped here as a bride.

When the village’s brutish king makes it clear he expects her to give him an heir, Rose isn’t having it. Despite her name, she’s no wilting flower and the alien bastard made a big mistake thinking she was going to give him anything but a piece of her mind.

She’ll show him—just as soon as her traitorous body stops pulling her toward the infuriatingly hot king with a force stronger than gravity…

Barbarian King's Bride is a steamy standalone sci-fi romance set in the Supernova Escapes universe. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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