Outlaw Planet Mates

Welcome to Reazus Prime

Reazus Prime is a hard planet. Once a prison, it was abandoned once the mines dried up and the Overlords could no longer turn a profit off the prisoners. Now it’s a haven for outlaws, pirates, and anyone holding a grudge against authority.

It’s isolated, alone, and the only ships coming are the worst sort. One such ship carrying a cargo of abducted human women, explodes in orbit. A lucky few were ejected in pods, only to crash on the outlaw planet.

Now the race is on to find and claim the human females.

An Exciting Multi-Author Series!

Featuring These Great Science Fiction Romance Authors!

Sonia Nova
Lynnea Lee
Nancey Cummings
Elin Wyn
Eden Ember
Ava York
Leslie Chase
Cara Wylde
Lena Grey
Harper Rosling
Cady Austin

This strange alien has awakened an even stranger desire inside me.
I love adventure and living on the land. But getting abducted and abandoned on an alien planet is a little too much adventure, even for me.

This planet is chock full of barbarians and outlaws… and one noble alien who looks at me like I’m everything.

The problem? He’s a pirate, and he needs to get his ship back from his traitorous crew. He sees how good I am on the land and wants my help. If I do, he’ll take me back to Earth.

But the more time I spend with him, the less certain I am that Earth is where I want to be…

This odd, primitive female entices me in a way I’d never imagined.
Betrayed by my second-in-command, I was dumped in the woods and left to die.

While my crew searches for a rumored shipment of rare and valuable human females, I encounter the very thing they are looking for: a strange, primitive earthling.

Although she knows nothing of the universe, she can make fire with just her hands and treat my wounds without a medkit.

But the oddest thing of all is the way she makes my third heart beat and my mating urges awaken…

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