Science Fiction Romance

Mate of the Beast

Book 1 - Mate of the Beast

He was an abomination… A beast… Tortured and trained to kill since the day he was made…

Book 2 - Fate of the Beast

A beast thirsting for war…
An Ambassador trying to hold peace…

Book 3 - Heart of the Beast

A beastly pirate. An Alliance agent.
A dangerous mission that pulls them together.

Book 4 - Baby of the Beast

A damaged woman. An alien outlaw. A surprise pregnancy.

Holiday - Miracle of the Beast

A Starr Huntress holiday romance! Leaving Earth was no longer safe as a human woman…

Warriors of Rae

These books take place in the shared Starr Huntress world of Warlord Brides.

Book 1 - Kraev

She wants to be more than some alien’s mate…



He broke her heart years ago and now he’s back…

Alien Valentine

A pink alien prince + A human mail-order bride = A perfect Valentine’s Day romance!

Snowed in with the Alien Dragon

A Christmas without warmth… A dragon paralyzed by cold…

The Alien Reindeer's Joy

Dashing through the snow is no fun when you’re running for your life…

Rescued by the Alien Royal

A human slave who doesn’t want to be freed. An alien lord determined to save her.

Barbarian King's Bride

Buy a female. Produce an heir. Send the female back. What could possibly go wrong?