Mate of the Beast

The Ezak-X are genetically engineered super soldiers.
Created by the evil Krezlians, they were freed by the Intergalactic Alliance.
But thanks to their beastly appearance, they are shunned by the society.
Join them, as they now try to find their place in the universe…
…and love.

Book 1 - Mate of the Beast

He was an abomination… A beast… Tortured and trained to kill since the day he was made…

Book 2 - Fate of the Beast

A beast thirsting for war…
An Ambassador trying to hold peace…

Book 3 - Heart of the Beast

A beastly pirate. An Alliance agent.
A dangerous mission that pulls them together.

Book 4 - Baby of the Beast

A damaged woman. An alien outlaw. A surprise pregnancy.

Holiday - Miracle of the Beast

A Starr Huntress holiday romance!
Leaving Earth was no longer safe as a human woman…

Holiday - Gift of the Beast

Sequel to Miracle of the Beast!
The female next door drives him crazy…

Outlaw Planet Mates

Reazus Prime is a hard planet. Once a prison, it was abandoned once the mines dried up and the Overlords could no longer turn a profit off the prisoners. Now it’s a haven for outlaws, pirates, and anyone holding a grudge against authority.
It’s isolated, alone, and the only ships coming are the worst sort. One such ship carrying a cargo of abducted human women, explodes in orbit. A lucky few were ejected in pods, only to crash on the outlaw planet.
Now the race is on to find and claim the human females.

Alien's Wild Mate

The odd, primitive female entices me in a way I’d never imagined.

Alien's Captive

The luscious human female is my captive. I cannot grow attached.

Warriors of Rae

These books take place in the shared Starr Huntress world of Warlord Brides.
In exchange for protecting Earth, the hunky Mahdfel alien warriors demand only one price:
Every childless, single and otherwise healthy woman on Earth is tested for genetic compatibility
for marriage with a Mahdfel warrior.
If the match is 98.5% or higher, the bride is instantly teleported away to her new mate.
No exceptions.

Book 1 - Kraev

She wants to be more than some alien’s mate…

Rescued by the Alien Mercenary

In a world where slavery is the norm…
Alien mercenaries steal from the rich…
Human women fight for their freedom…
And steal the heart of a pirate.

Book 1 - Kreg

An accidental kidnapping by the super hot mercenary alien completely uprooted Brazen’s life.

Book 2 - Ryz

Doomed to a lifetime of servitude, can she trust an alien mercenary to escape?

Book 3 - Xol

Ava never dreamed she’d fall for a hot alien vigilante, yet she’s fallen hard for the red-skinned brute.

Book 4 - Zeik

She knows she can’t trust a mercenary… So why is she working with one?


The Complete Series Collection!



He broke her heart years ago and now he’s back…

Alien Valentine

A pink alien prince + A human mail-order bride = A perfect Valentine’s Day romance!

Snowed in with the Alien Dragon

A Christmas without warmth… A dragon paralyzed by cold…

The Alien Reindeer's Joy

Dashing through the snow is no fun when you’re running for your life…

Rescued by the Alien Royal

A human slave who doesn’t want to be freed. An alien lord determined to save her.

Barbarian King's Bride

Buy a female. Produce an heir. Send the female back. What could possibly go wrong?