Rescued by the Alien Mercenary Boxset

Rescued by the Alien Mercenary Boxset

Series: Rescued by the Alien Mercenary #5
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The Complete Series Collection!

In a world where slavery is the norm…

Alien mercenaries steal from the rich…

Human women fight for their freedom…

And steal the heart of a pirate.

Rescued by the Alien Mercenary is a four-book sci-fi romance series. Featuring adventure, sexy alien heroes, and strong heroines, sparks are bound to fly! This boxset includes the complete series and has no cheating and no cliffhangers, but guaranteed HEAs!


Book 1 - Kreg:

An accidental kidnapping by a super hot mercenary alien completely uprooted Brazen's life. Her feelings for the red brute surprise her. However, her father would stop at nothing to keep her away from him, including killing him.

Book 2 - Ryz:

Kidnapped and thrust into servitude on a strange planet, Joss doesn't think she will ever regain her freedom. A sexy alien mercenary vows to help her, and the more he insists, the more Joss starts falling for him. But can she truly trust a mercenary?

Book 3 - Xol:

All Ava wants to do is stop slavery. She leads a team with a sexy alien mercenary, Xol, to rescue to rescue those captured on Elrilia. Ava's budding feelings for Xol grow as they work together, but the perilous journey may separate them forever if she's captured and taken away.

Book 4 - Zeik:

She knows she can't trust a mercenary… So why is she working with one? Despite Gert's best efforts to ignore the irritatingly handsome alien, she finds herself falling for his jokes and his protective nature. Could there be more to an alien mercenary after all?

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