Book Series: Mate of the Beast

Science Fiction Romance

Mate of the Beast

She had always wanted an adventure in the stars…
After years of working for the Alien Immigration Office on Earth, Alyssa has finally been sent on her first assignment in space. But what’s supposed to be a nice little peace mission soon turns into a nightmare – one where pirates might abduct her at any moment and she's assigned a lethally scary but oh, so sexy bodyguard!

It doesn't help that the body he’s supposed to guard always heats up in his presence... 

He was an abomination... A beast... Tortured and trained to kill since the day he was made...
Xarq has had it with bodyguarding jobs. In fact, he wasn't supposed to have them anymore. But one last job gets between him and his future military career, and he gets a tiny Earth female to protect. To top it all off, she is on her first mission in space, and his bodyguarding assignment turns more into a babysitting duty. Just perfect. But somehow, her oddly pleasant scent lures him in and he can't seem to get enough of her...

And that's dangerous. He needs to focus on his job.

Because that’s exactly when the pirates attack…

Mate of the Beast is a standalone sci-fi romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is the first book in the Mate of the Beast series. Intended for mature audiences only.

Fate of the Beast

Fate of the Beast
An Ambassador trying to hold peace…
Being an Ambassador wasn't easy. It was even harder when you were the Earth Ambassador on an alien planet that was on the brink of war. As if Naomi didn’t have her hands full with war negotiations and ensuring the safety of humans on Agaria, the last straw is the beastly Ezak-X soldier who seems to push all her buttons wrong. But when the war breaks out and the safety of humans is threatened, the odd, horned beast might just be the only man she can count on...

But with how her body reacts in his presence, can she trust herself with him...?

A beast thirsting for war…
Arez has waited for this day his whole existence. Ever since he was created in that damned lab by the scaly Krezlians, he's wanted nothing more than to destroy them. But just when he can taste the war on his lips, he gets thrown together with a peace-loving human female who makes his body hard and his blood boil for an altogether different reason. He's never wanted anything more in his life – except maybe for revenge – and he soon realizes he must make a choice.

Revenge… or her?

Fate of the Beast is the second book in the Mate of the Beast series, but it can be read as a standalone. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers. This book is intended for mature audiences only.

Miracle of the Beast

Miracle of the Beast
Leaving Earth was no longer safe as a human woman…
Offered a trainee position in the Alliance, Hazel is on her way to Inea, the First Planet of the Alliance. She’s sad to miss the holiday season on Earth, and more than a bit concerned about the recent Krezlian attacks on spaceships leaving the solar system, but there’s no turning back now.

When her worst nightmare comes true and the Krezlians attack the ship she’s on, Hazel can only put her trust on a beastly Ezak-X Alliance soldier.

But why does she feel so drawn to him…?

The word “vacation” didn’t exist in the Ezak-X vocabulary…
Zeriq couldn’t have it worse. Just as he’s on leave from the military, unarmed and unprepared, the damned Krezlians attack the Alliance ship he’s on. Although he’d rather join the fight, a small human female tags along with him, clearly expecting him to get her to safety. He can’t just ignore her.

But when their emergency shuttle malfunctions, they find themselves stranded on a frozen alien planet. Far from Inea, possibly even farther from Earth, they must fight the extreme conditions to survive.

And although the temperature on the planet freezes, his body burns for the female…

Miracle of the Beast is a steamy holiday romance set in the Mate of the Beast universe. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Heart of the Beast

Heart of the Beast
A beastly pirate. An Alliance agent.
A dangerous mission that pulls them together.
Undercover in the shady parts of Riala, Agent Kira Medina has one job: to find out where human women are disappearing on the planet. A group of off-planet pirates raise her suspicion, but the whole mission is endangered when her cover is blown by an Ezak-X pirate.

When the Ezak-X offers to help her instead of blowing the whistle, Kira realizes she could use an inside man. She immediately regrets her decision when she starts working with Xeegan. The Ezak-X is annoying and reckless. But although he gets on Kira’s nerves, she can’t deny the way he makes her heart thrum…

From a life in captivity to a life as a pirate…
Xeegan has fought to survive since day one. He trusts no one, least of all the Alliance. But when a group of off-planet pirates offer him a job that seems too good to be true, and his acquaintance goes missing, the human female working for the Alliance might just be the key to finding out what’s going on.

No matter how much the female frustrates him, her sweet scent makes him feel things he’s never felt before… She clearly needs his help on this mission, whether she admits it or not.

Heart of the Beast is the third book in the Mate of the Beast series, but it can be read as a standalone. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers. This book is intended for mature audiences only.

Baby of the Beast

Baby of the Beast
She's damaged. Broken. Alone.
After being captured by the evil Krezlians not once but twice, nightmares haunt Iris whenever she closes her eyes. She’s finally safe now, but she can’t enjoy her freedom. Not with Zeon dead. He was her light in the darkness, her reason to live despite the horrific experiments at the hands of her captors. He vowed that they would get out together... but in the end, only she did.

When Iris discovers she's pregnant with Zeon's child, her world tilts yet again.

This half-alien baby is all she has left of Zeon – but how will they survive alone?

He'll protect what belongs to him – or die trying...
Zeon has made mistakes. He abandoned the Alliance, took up piracy, and got himself locked up in a cell by the very people he hates the most: the monsters who created him. Meeting the human female changed it all, and Zeon will do whatever it takes to get back to Iris – because without her, he has no reason to live.

But when he finds her, Zeon discovers there's more to protect than the woman he loves.

She's pregnant. With his baby.

A baby that his makers would do anything to get their scaly hands on.

Baby of the Beast is the fourth book in the Mate of the Beast series, but it can be read as a standalone. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers. This book is intended for mature audiences only.

Gift of the Beast

Gift of the Beast

The last thing she needs is a standoffish alien complicating her life…

Before her sister Hazel mated an Ezak-X, Shea had never given the aliens much thought. But after a nasty divorce left her and her daughter Lila in need of a major change, they move to Space City. Now, it’s impossible not to notice the Ezak-X – well, one in particular.

Her tall, muscular neighbor takes the “strong and silent type” to the extreme. In fact, he’s never said a word to her. But when car trouble threatens Shea and Lila’s Christmas trip to visit family, the beastly, quiet neighbor steps in to help.

He makes Shea yearn for something more. But Lila will always be her priority. And after her cheating ex, Shea’s doubtful she can trust a man again – least of all a sexy Ezak-X who seems to have no interest in her.

So why can’t she get him out of her head?

The female next door drives him crazy…

Garr doesn't understand the point in talking, let alone being social. Grunts and a word here and there have suited him just fine. Except when it comes to entering the military. The Alliance psychologist tells him he's too damaged, but Garr just wants to be useful.

Getting a job at a security company is a step in the right direction. But when a new female moves into his apartment complex, his organized life is thrown off balance. Her scent is intoxicating. Distracting. She makes him want things he's never even considered before.

Garr knows that if he wants to keep his life on track, he has to stay far, far away from her. But when the female and her child need help making it to their family for the holidays, he can’t just turn his back on them.

All he has to do is survive this trip without letting her into his head – or his heart. But even for a master of silence and solitude, that’s easier said than done…

Gift of the Beast is a steamy holiday romance set in the Mate of the Beast universe. Complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers.